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- Registration with Tax Authorities
- Amendment of Registration with Tax Authorities
- Cancellation / Surender of Registration

Return Support

- Review of Return workings prepared along with documentation
- Computation of liability to be paid
- Assistance in finalizing and filing of Returns before Tax Authorities

Audit Support

- Providing pre-audit, during audit and post audit support to Companies in form transaction advisory, documentation support, etc.
- Highlighting risks, areas of exposure / non-compliance during pre-audit and audit phase
- Advising on way-forward post completion of Audit by the Authorities

Deputation Support

We can assist companies by providing tax specialists (i.e. outsourcing, co-sourcing, deputation, etc.) so that the company must only focus on business while tax compliances are handled by experts. 

Refund Support

- Advising whether refund application should be filed or excess input tax should be carried forward
- Preparation of refund application and assistance in submission (including review of refund related documents)
- Assisting in replying to queries raised by the Authorities prior to sanctioning the claim

Clarification/ Ruling Application

- Advising Companies on matters which are complex / unclear on which position has not evolved
- Undertaking technical research including research in other tax jurisdictions
- Assistance in drafting and submitting Clarifications / Ruling request with the Authorities

Tax Agent Support

We have affiliation with FTA approved Tax Agents. We can assist in managing your tax obligations such as filing of VAT returns, refund applications, reconsideration application, clarification application, liaising with tax authority, etc. through tax agents, if required

VAT Review / Health Checks

- Review of all business transactions and corresponding tax policy;
- Review of all processes (for e.g. AR/ AP) and recommending changes thereof;
- Review of reports configured and identification of any additional requirement;
- Documentation review for e.g. contract review, invoices review, etc.

Assessment / Litigation Support

- Assisting Companies in filing Reconsideration to challenge to decision issued by the Authorities
- Assistance in representing Companies before Resolution Committee, Courts, etc.
- Providing Tax Inputs to the legal team involved in the matter

Tax Advisory

- Tax implications on day –to-day operations
- Implications of amendments
- Implications on specific business activities /transactions/Contracts
- Providing Technical and Functional Trainings
- Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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