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Registration Support

- Evaluation of Group V/s Single Registration
- Assist in collation of details for obtaining Registration
- Obtaining registration from tax authorities

Impact Assessment

- Detailed review of the corporate structure
- Detailed review of transactions based on available financial statements
- Identify existing business processes and transaction flow which need to be changed after CT Implementation
- Review of deductibility of expenses for each entity under CT
- Quantification of CT liability for each entity based on current available financials on an As Is Basis
- Advise on optimization of overall structure to ensure ease from compliance perspective

Transfer Pricing

- Determination of Applicability of TP
- Evaluation of Related Parties and Connected Persons
- Detailed review of related party transactions for each entity to ascertain if benchmarking analysis is required
- Performing Benchmarking Study as required
- Sharing guidance of TP Policy Documentation
- Assist in Preparation of Master & Local File

Accounting Policies

- Review of Existing Accounting Policies for Revenue Recognition, Depreciation, Impairment of Assets etc.
- Assist in adopting Best Industry Practices and Documenting the policies adopted
- Standardization of Chart of Accounts

PoEM and Substance Review

- Evaluation of potential PE and PoEM exposure
- Evaluation of existing Substance
- Guiding on impact of PE, PoEM and suggesting way forward

Return Support

- Review of Return workings prepared along with documentation
- Computation of liability to be paid
- Assistance in finalizing and filing of Returns before Tax Authorities

On Call Advisory

- Tax implications on day-to-day operations
- Implications of amendments
- Implications on specific business activities /transactions/Contracts
- Providing Technical and Functional Trainings
- Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Webinar - How to Handle Indirect Taxes