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Indirect Tax Outsourcing

- Indirect tax management - reporting, compliance and advisory support
- Organizational reporting w.r.t to Indirect taxes - MIS support, cashflow update
- Litigation management - tracking of assessments, audits and on-going cases (at all forums); update on relevant Judicial precedents; representation support; filing and liaising support
- Engaging automation in relevant processes
- Serving through Network of Indirect Tax Professionals in remote locations

Indirect Tax Deputation Support

- Appointment of new resources
- Secondment of in-house resources
- Indirect tax Manager/ leadership support on role

Indirect Tax Co-Sourcing

- Customized solutions – outsourcing selective processes
- Set-up of Indirect tax team – training; creation of process documents; implementation of process documents; recruitment support
- Indirect tax management – Compliance and advisory support

Webinar - How to Handle Indirect Taxes