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- Registration with Tax Authorities
- Amendment of Registration with Tax Authorities

Impact Assessment

Mapping VAT impact for the transactions undertaken by the businesses including impact on various business functions

IT System Review

IT system reflects the output of the VAT implementation project. We undertake gap analysis to identify changes required at Master and transactional level as well as conducting User Acceptance Test (UAT) to ensure system readiness

Transitional Support

Handholding to ensure successful transition to VAT regime

Hypercare Support

The intent and conception behind Hypercare support is to enable businesses to focus on their core operations while leaving the functional aspects of VAT with the VAT expert to ensure compliance and smooth transition to the tax regime

Deputation / Project Manager

Dedicated Project manager to spearhead the implementation project and constantly liaise with the client so that the company must only focus on business while tax compliances are handled by experts. 

Representation Support

- Advising Companies on matters which are complex / unclear on which position has not evolved
- Undertaking technical research including research in other tax jurisdictions
- Assistance in drafting and submitting Clarifications

Training Support

- Beginner VAT awareness sessions on the generic aspects of VAT;
- Functional awareness sessions for understanding impact on key business functions;
- Training for understanding compliances and reporting requirements;
- Awareness session for entity’s vendors and customers to bring them onboard VAT for tax compliant transactions.

Developing SOP

Processes enables an employee to execute a task in defined and structured manner. Most of the day-to-day activities managed by the employee are process driven. Since, VAT is a transaction-based tax it is imperative to analyse and align each step of the process with the provisions of VAT Law so as to ensure there are no gaps in compliance.

Post Implementation Support

- Assistance in filing of Returns
- Assistance in filing of Refunds
- Assistance in filing of clarification
- Assistance during Litigation
- Assistance during Audits
- Advising on any VAT related matters
- Providing any deputation support

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